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Try the Fries. Love the Fries. Decide the Fries.

We tried more than 150 different fry seasoning options. Shawn, our director of food/bev, had to go to taste bud rehab. You take it from here:

Fiesta Fries

  • Celebrate Taco Tuesday every day
  • Beer-battered fries tossed in spicy taco seasoning
  • Served with a side of sour cream

Funnel Cake Fries

  • Your favorite childhood carnival treat in a basket
  • Beer-battered fries tossed in salted caramel seasoning
  • Served with chocolate dipping sauce

ShakShuka Spiced Fries

  • Pronounced "Shaq (Basketball player, starred in Kazaam)-Shoe-Ka(leidoscope)"
  • Beer-battered fries tossed in the award-winning popular Libyan spice Pilpelchuma - one of the greatest seasonings you've never heard of, let alone tasted
  • Served with a side of HopCat's signature cheese sauce

But wait! There's more! Every time you vote, you'll be entered to win the hottest HopCat prize we've ever given out: becoming an official member of the HopCat menu innovation team. You'll be able to participate in special tastings and provide input on what should be on our future menus. 

We're also giving away a bunch of "dope, lit swag" (like the kids say!!) to two other lucky winners selected at random. Not as cool as the first prize, but it's still a lot better than whatever Olive Garden is doing.  


Rejected Fry Flavors...

They didn't all work out.